FREE Funeral Benefits

Free Funeral Benefits

As a Mutual Assurance Society, we don't have any shareholders, only policyholders. And being part of the AVBOB family of policyholders means that the profits we make don't go to shareholders, but to you, our loyal policyholders.

AVBOB has declared another R 1 billion bonus to our policyholders, which brings the total over the past nine years to R6,5 billion. The recent declaration includes further enhanced FREE funeral benefits* and a 15% addition on the sum assured on the main life which, if needed, can be converted into a FREE six-month RETRENCHMENT BENEFIT*.
The enhanced free funeral benefits* include:
  • A FREE basic funeral (burial or cremation) to the value of R10 000*
  • R2 000 upfront cash payment for initial expenses*
  • FREE transportation of the deceased within the borders of South Africa*
These benefits are over and above the full policy value and are subject to certain terms and conditions. Policies that have been in force for less than two (2) years qualify for a discount of up to R4 000 off the funeral.

The FREE basic funeral to the value of R10 000* includes:
  • A free specified coffin
  • Free use of a specified hearse
  • The arrangement of the funeral
  • The execution of the funeral
  • The collection and transportation of your loved one to the AVBOB mortuary
  • The use of AVBOB’s mortuary facilities
  • Graveside tent and 10 chairs
  • Preparation of the deceased and coffining (Preparing your loved one for burial/cremation)
  • Assistance with the completion of all official documents
  • A R250 contribution to a funeral notice in a newspaper of your choice
  • An ash coffin (where applicable)
  • The use of a lowering device at the graveside
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